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This page provides a brief English summary of key information about the Munich Metropolitan Region and the activities of the European Metropolitan Region Munich e.V. association (or EMM for short). If you need more information in English, please contact our office (see bottom of the page for details).

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What is a metropolitan region?

Germany’s Conference of Ministers for Regional Planning first designated what are now known as metropolitan regions over 25 years ago. The eleven metropolitan regions in existence in Germany today stand out as “engines of social, economic and cultural development that combine good accessibility at the European and international levels with a powerful impact on the surrounding area”. They are thus of considerable significance, assuming a wide variety of functions on behalf of the surrounding area and beyond. This mandate can include decision-making and control functions, innovation and competition functions and even gateway functions, all of which mutually depend on and reinforce each other.

What does a metropolitan region do for the overall structural development of a given space?

  • It drives innovation and gives the region a sharper competitive edge.
  • It promotes integration in the global economy.
  • It serves as a hub of international cultural transfer.
  • It stands tall as a lighthouse whose reach embraces the European and international communities.

The region

The Munich Metropolitan Region…


  • …is THE economic success story in Central Europe and Southern Germany, spanning more than just the immediate vicinity around Munich.
  • …extends from Eichstätt in the north to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the south, from Kaufbeuren in the west to Altötting in the east.
  • …is home to six million people, comprises 27 counties and six cities in southern Bavaria and covers a total surface area of approx. 26,000 km² – nearly as big as Belgium.
  • …combines exceptional economic dynamism and attractive living space in a unique geographical location bordering the Alps.
  • …is a byword for a laid-back lifestyle, stability and public safety – the good life, in other words, all of which underwrites the region’s success and enviable quality of life in international comparison.

The association

Europäische Metropolregion München e.V. association (or EMM for short) is…

  • …the supraregional network behind the Munich Metropolitan Region.
  • …the neutral, cross-institution, multi-interest platform for cooperation in any shape or form – especially that between cities and regions, between urban and rural spaces.
  • …the identifier and multiplier of topics/trends contributing to positive development of the region.
  • …the institutional basis and executive organization driving and enabling nationwide and international awareness of the Munich Metropolitan Region as one of the most attractive living spaces and successful business hubs in Europe.

Many counties and cities collaborate with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Chambers of Skilled Crafts in Swabia, Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria, as well as with institutions representing the business and scientific communities and society as a whole to strengthen widespread awareness of and identification with the Munich Metropolitan Region. This work takes place on a voluntary basis within the EMM association.

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…addressed by the Munich Metropolitan Region

Members of the association join forces in workgroups to tackle key issues such as knowledge, the economy, the environment and mobility. In this way, they contribute to sustainable development in the Munich Metropolitan Region. Cooperation between urban and rural spaces and the business and political communities gives a boost to the entire region and contributes to sustaining residents’ high quality of life. Right now, the association’s projects focus primarily on:

  • Innovation
  • Construction culture
  • Mobility
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Coworking areas
  • International Building Exhibition (IBA)
  • Sustainability: Greater regionality & a fair metropolitan region

Munich Metropolitan Area on the map

Objectives of the association

  • To uphold a high quality of life
  • To promote excellence in business, education and innovation
  • To forge networks between stakeholders
  • To pool internal resources
  • To strengthen external awareness
  • To support sustainable economic development
  • To develop the region in harmony with nature and the environment
  • To improve traffic and transportation links within and to the region
  • To optimize networking between rural and urban spaces

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